Our Last Man Standing is a huge piece of equipment suitable for Schools, Corporate, Events anywhere where with a large foot fall. 8 Contestants take there place on the foam podiums and the arms begin to spin slow or fast the object is to duck or jump over the arms and stay on your podium. Not as easy as it looks. Great exercise and perfect for team building. Contact us on 01752 704862 or 07725 320944 or email  southwestentertainments@gmail.com

This Amazing Disco Dome really is the latest craze sweeping the nation with Disco Lights and a sound system inside its both a disco Hire and a Bouncy Castle Hire all in one and best of all its suitable for Adults and Children.

Inside the Disc Dome are 4 lights at the top of the dome and with the interior of the Disco Dome being black if its night or day the lighting effects are fantastic, Sound system attached to the rear of the Disco Dome provides all the sound and you can have your Bluetooth music direct from your phone or a usb or memory card with your music on will do just as good.

Please note: The Disco Dome hire is subject to it fitting in to your premises due to its large size the Disco Dome cant go through houses or over walls or up steps or banks. .Access has to be straight forward and any gates or walkways needs to be 3ft or more clear access. We have a list of halls the Disco Dome will fit in in the Plymouth Area contact us for help or if you have any queries. 01752 704862 / 07725 320944.

Size Required For  Adult Disco Dome Hire

16ft Height

17ft Width

23ft Depth

 This is the must have party Inflatable, Our Disco Dome has been described as "Awesome" "Amazing" "Incredible" "Fantastic" "Its Huge"

We have had Corporate hirers such as "British Gas" and "Ocean BMW" and have had many school events. It really is suitable for every occasion Contact us if you have any questions we will only be too glad to help you. Contact us on 01752 704862 / 07725 320944 or visit our main party site for more details on the Disco Dome Hire  www.kidsplay-plymouth.co.uk  where we have children's parties and Bouncy Castle hires suitable for Wedding Package and Party Packages and much more.

We now have a childs Disco Dome smaller and suitable for children only. Contact us for pricing.

Space Required for our Last Man Standing

32ft wide 

39ft Deep

Height 10ft

Southwest Entertainments

In association with Kids Play Bouncy Castle Hire Plymouth

01752 704862 / 07725 320944


Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Hire / Disco Dome