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We believe your safety is paramount and our main concern when using our Rodeo Bull Hire Devon Disco Domes and our other equipment and we want you and your family and guests to enjoy themselves as much as possible. We are not the cheapest however when it comes to a big piece of equipment like the rodeo bull hire you want it to be up to date with tests and insurances. This isnt cheap and to keep up to date with the latest equipment we need to charge a reasonable price which we believe for not just a quality looking piece of equipment but safe too. Do you want a worn out looking bull or something that looks the part? We pride ourselves on great looking equipment

Testing Annually

We insure ourselves with a dedicated insurance company who mainly deal with inflatables and Rodeo Bulls and leisure hirer's which means you know your protected should a problem arise. Our Trained RPII uniformed staff know and are informed that our customer safety comes as a priority and therefore once setup of equipment is complete we will run through a check and a Risk Assessment of the equipment hired to make sure everything is in order before the hire starts. All our staff are trained by a qualified Rpii instructor and are therefore on the Rpii Database showing our staff know the trade inside It when it comes to safety and setup procedures.

We also have our equipment tested annually via a qualified RPII / PIPA tester and have the Rodeo Bulls & Surf Simulators tested via a qualified Adips tester and all electrics are also PAT tested annually so you know our equipment is safe to use and therefore reliable. All our staff are trained and carry their Rpii approved trained card for extra piece of mind your equipment is setup with accordance with BS EN 14960. 

Please ask to see our insurance documents or Risk Assessments we are more than happy to show you these to put your mind at rest so you can enjoy your event without worry.

Please check when hiring from any company that they have the necessary insurance documents to protect yourself as well as themselves, this can be performed before the day of your hire or on the day of hire.

Testing is also very Important as usually with no test certificate the insurance is invalid so check for your own safety and this applies to any inflatable.  DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR THESE DOCUMENTS WE SPEND MANY £1000s A YEAR ON TESTS AND INSURANCE THAT WE WANT TO SHOW YOU.


Candy Floss and Popcorn Hire although low risk foods Companies must be licenced with their local council and be rated from 0 to 5 stars. Without this inspection its hard to bring a case should a problem arise without one. You can check a companies rating by visiting your local councils website. We ourselves are proud to carry a 5 star rating.


Southwest Entertainments

In association with Kids Play Bouncy Castle Hire Plymouth

Here at Southwest Entertainments we believe you get what you pay for. Were not the cheapest neither are we the most expensive but what we are is Reliable, Affordable, But best of all were Safe with our £5,000.000 public liability and test certificates RPII and PIPA and all electrical equipment is PAT tested.