This is just a small Adult / Corporate selection that we have for hire, if you don't see what you would like please contact us as we are sure it would be possible to source it for you. No event is to big or small.

If you would like to add or see our Children's Inflatables or Play equipment please visit our Party Package site for a vast selection of inflatables and Party Packages that we tailor make to suit your requirements.

Disco Dome Hire

Adult Bouncy Castle Hire


Gladiator Arena Hire

Contestant Ready?  Gladiator Ready?

This is a great competitive game and Fun till the end. Try and knock your opponent off the inflatable podium using a Pugel stick and win the Gladiator Challenge although its not as easy as it seems but its great fun trying.

Suitable for 6yrs and up to Adults. We can combine this and any of our services into Party Packages giving you savings too contact us if you would like to create a package deal. Prices from £120

 Photo Booth Hire

Sumo Suits now these compliment any event or occasion where fun is the order of the day. We have these available in Adults and Children's sizes. Very Popular and a great opportunity to show your strength to your opposition. Contact us if you would like to add these to another item we do as we can offer a Package Deal on any of our Equipment that's hired out together.01752 704862 / 07725 320944 8am to 10pm. Prices from £70

Candy Floss & Popcorn Hire

Human Whack-A-Mole

Rodeo Bull Hire Devon

Remember the days when we jumped on bouncy castles at fetes and schools and then we grew up. Well why not go back down memory lane with our Adult Bouncy Castle Hires suitable for all ages. Our Adult Bouncy Castles come in different sizes depending on how many in your group or event there is we can advise you on this give us a call we will be glad to advise you what's most suitable or visit Prices from £140

 Candy Floss & Popcorn Hire who could go without this on their special day Kids love it Adults love it Everyone will have some and bring back those childhood memories. We can cater for outside with our inflatable Stall or we have a Gazebo style one. If we go into venues we use a table with our equipment on which can be dressed to suit your scheme and our trained Staff will be there to make your event go seamlessly. Message us at or call 01752 704862 or 07725 320944

!!!! SAY CHEEEESE !!!!

            State of the art green screen Photo Booth Hire are great for weddings, Proms, Wedding Package and any event that you would want to have cherished memories from. Lots of menus from letting you be in space to standing at the Eiffel tower .There are lots of different options for our Photo Booths from single set of photos to duplicate copies, and of course it wouldn't be the same without a box of props to help bring the party to life. Our Photo Booth Hire are manned so you don't need to worry about anything just let our uniformed staff help your guests get the photos to be cherished forever were not just a camera with a standard print, state of the art software giving you green screen photos too  contact us on 01752 704862 / 07725 320944 and we will talk you through the options available. We also offer a V. I. P. service with red carpet and rope barriers. Give us a call you'll be glad you did. Prices from £350

Sumo Suit Hire

Here are a few of our services that can be hired individually or as a package. Please remember cheapest quotes are not always the best quotes, we offer a Friendly and Reliable service with safety that is never compromised and all equipment is Rpii or Pipa tested and all electrics PAT tested and with Smartly dressed Operators and a service we think you will find Satisfying. From a Bouncy Castle Hire to a Rodeo Bull Hire we have it all.  

This has to be the ultimate in FUN.

Our Inflatable Disco Dome Hire is the latest craze sweeping the nation and everyone loves a good disco. With a height of 16ft tall and 16ft wide x 23ft length its big holds Adults or Children and can be hired for Birthday Parties, Wedding Package, Corporate Events or basically anything that can accommodate the size. More Information can be found on as we have party packages to suit adults and children. Call us on 01752 704862 / 07725 320944 to discuss your needs but we guarantee you that you will be dancing your socks off whilst bouncing into the night/or day on Our Disco Dome Hire. Prices from £140

​Human Hungry Hippos

YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAA welcome to the Wild Wild West where we can have some Rootin Tootin fun partner.

The idea of the Rodeo Bull Hire Devon is to stay on the Bucking Bronco Hire as long as possible before being thrown to the dust (well inflatable bed) stay on longer than your friends and become the ultimate Rodeo Bull Hire Rider and impress the Gal or Guy in your life. Rodeo Bull Hire Devon is suitable for most ages if your in doubt please contact us and we will help where we can. Wedding Package and Birthday Parties or even corporate events anything that you need fun at.
Contact us on 01752 704862 / 07725 320944 for Prices and Hire Lengths as prices vary on day and times for Rodeo Bull Hire. Prices from £350 We can now provide a Unicorn Rodeo Hire Devon great fun from age of 10yrs up.

In association with Kids Play Bouncy Castle Hire Plymouth

Our Human Hungry Hippos is a fantastic Game suitable for 4yrs up. Object of the game is to collect the balls from the center of the inflatable. Sound easy? Well when your attached to a bungee rope its the complete opposite. Get as many balls as you can and put the back in your pouch in the corner. The one with most balls wins the round. Great exercise and even greater fun. A classic game with a new twist. Message us at or call 01752 704862 or 07725 320944

In association with Kids Play Bouncy Castle Hire

Southwest Entertainments

Amazing Hilarious Game (Adults and Teens only)

6 Moles and 1 Whacker so a 7 player game. Idea is for the moles to pop their heads out from the top and grab a ball (food) and put it in their pouch under ground. Not as easy as it looks as their is a Whacker in the center hitting any mole popping their heads out the ground. An hilarious game game but it is teens and above due to nature of the game.  Message us at or call 01752 704862 or 07725 320944

01752 704862 / 07725 320944